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A Note From the Boss Lady!

Yesterday was our last event for this contract year. It has been an amazing year. We cannot wait to start our next year but it is also a good time to reflect!

We have had 110 participants this year. We had 144 events. We sold over 600 tickets to the 9 big events. Our Summer Break Week was AWESOME! We had over 120 volunteers that helped at events. We had 14 cheerleaders that had a successful season and learned a complicated dance. We started a POWERcorps News Team and they have taken over writing our newsletter.

The events just keep getting bigger, better, and are exactly what the participants ask for. They challenge us to find new events, plan fun parties, celebrate all the holidays, and be creative. They always surprise us at their talents, ability to make anything fun, and their willingness to try new things!

Our staff does a wonderful job every day. They work hard. They work as a team. They make our events fun and not feel like work. Thank you Rose,Ryan, Suzanne and April for everything you do to make POWERcorps run smoothly and successfully.

The participants are truly superheros. They know how to have fun. They don't sweat the little things. They make everyone feel welcomed. They can make any bad day into a good day with a little smile or funny story. Thanks for participating this year and making it a great 2014-2015 year smile emoticon

I think all I can say is thank you to the PCBDD and Family and Community Services for making our program possible. Thank you to my awesome staff and volunteers that make the events a success. Thanks to the families and friends that meet us at meeting points for events. Most of all, thank you to the participants who are the reason that I love my job! -Ashleigh

Marvel Universe Live is October 2nd!

New registration packets must be filled  out to attend in  September!


POWERcorps Cheer squad  had a great season!  the next season will start in November! Check out the cheer squad page to get to meet the cheerleaders!

First newsletter Is under the News Team tab!
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