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A Note From the Boss Lady!

I am pretty sure I blinked and October was over.  It was a crazy month but it is one of my favorites.  We get to participate in so many fall activities and we get to hang out with our Kent friends again.  We had so many great events that I could type forever but we will just give the highlights.

This month, we had over 50 people attend 2 nights of a hayride at Rufener’s Hilltop Farm.  We got to pick pumpkins, pet animals at the petting zoo, and go down big slides.  The 3 slides were really the big hit.  Some of us took it easy on the slower slides but we had quite a few dare devils.  They went down the bumpy fast slide.  We had one dare devil that went down on her butt, stomach, and back.  She went down forward and backwards.  We had another participant scream all the way down “they are trying to kill him” (it was his choice to go down) and at the bottom decided it was so much fun!  Thank you Rufener’s!

We went to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania 2.  The POWERcorps participants gave this movie two thumbs up!  We tried Pita Pit, Twisted Meltz, and Popped in Acorn Alley.  I found my new favorite ice cream at Popped.  It was an apple pie ice cream.  Yum!

We got to hang out with our Kent friends at art class, POWERcorps Idol, and Fun with Prentice.  The Kent students do an awesome job at planning activities for our group.  We cannot thank them enough for all the fun we have at Kent.

The Halloween Party is one of the more popular parties.  We get to dress up and have fun.  What can be better than that?  This year we had a scarecrow building contest.  We had a haunted hallway.  We had a photo booth and lots of games to play.  The staff dressed up like the Ninja Turtles.  Poor April got stuck in the kitchen all night with sweet potato fries that did not want to cook properly. 

October was crazy busy and so much fun but bittersweet.  We did say good bye to one of our drivers this month.  Suzanne has been with POWERcorps for over 4 years.  She poured her heart into the program.  She was hard working, creative and energetic to name a few things.  We are going to miss seeing her on a daily basis but we know she can’t stay away long!


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POWERcorps Cheer squad  has started its  5th season!  

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