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A Note From the Boss Lady!

It is hard to believe that September is over already.  In the POWERcorps office, September is always the craziest.  We start a new funding year, all our forms change colors and get updated, our goal restart or change, and we try to get organized for the next year.  If you have ever been in the POWERcorps office, you are probably thinking, “How do they ever get that place organized?”  It is the never ending process for April and I.  This year the transition was a little crazy with activities still going on and some changes happening but easy since we had no change in staff.

September started off and ended with a bang.  The participants volunteered with Residential Resources for the Developmentally Challenged back in July.  We got to knock down some walls in a duplex they were remodeling.  On September 1st, we got to landscape the duplex that is now move-in ready.  We planted bushes, mulched, and put stone in the front of the house and all the way around it.   This was no easy task.  Add in the fact that it was 92 degrees and we worked for 3 hours.  WOW!  These participants AMAZE me all the time.  They had no complaints and just kept working.  They are the hardest workers I know.  On September 30th, we got recognized at the ribbon cutting for that duplex.  These buildings are beautiful.  It is awesome to know that we had our hand in creating the opportunity for individuals to live on their own in the community.  The main thing the consumers said that night, “so John, are we starting on the next building in October?”

We also tried a few new things this month.  The participants made eggplant parmesan, Brussels sprouts, and tomato mozzarella salad.  The participants grew the eggplant, Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes in our garden this summer.  I would estimate that we got over 1500 tomatoes from our garden this year.  That is AWESOME!  Hopefully the participants shared with their families.  The meal at cooking class was a hit with some and a miss with others.  We were told that it looked better than it smelled and they were trying some scary food tonight.  I am impressed with them even trying a food they were unsure of.

The other cool event was we had our own drive in with popcorn bar.  We hung a sheet outside Portage Industries, brought chairs and blankets, and watched the movie Home.  They got popcorn that had Kit Kats, Twix, M&Ms, Starburst, and more mixed in.  We are happy that the rain held off long enough for us to have this event and the bugs were not biting just yet!

As always, I am so proud of my staff and all the hard work they put in.  They worked just as hard as the consumers at the landscaping and got just as dirty.  They tried some new scary foods with the consumers.  All I can say is Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!  I need to thank Mark at PI for helping with the set up of the drive in.  Thanks to RRDC for inviting us to the ribbon cutting.  Most of all, thanks to the consumers who love the program so much and keep attending!  You make every day worth it!  -Ashleigh 

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POWERcorps Cheer squad  had a great season!  the next season will start in November! Check out the cheer squad page to get to meet the cheerleaders!

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